Investigator in YUKOS case dies in car accident 

Investigator in YUKOS case dies in car accident
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Denis Isakov had previously been convicted for an accident, in which his colleague had been killed.

Former employee of the Prosecutor General's Office, Denis Isakov, who had previously been in charge of the YUKOS case, has died in a traffic accident in Moscow, Mash reports. Driving his BMW, Isakov crashed into a curb on Sevastopolsky Avenue, slipped into a coma, and died in the hospital. 

Previously, the former investigator had already been convicted for a deadly traffic accident. In 2011, Isakov was found guilty of an accident, which claimed the life of his fellow Prosecutor's Office colleague, Aleksey Bukhtoyarov. The charges were filed against the prosecutor only two years after the accident. It was when he was dismissed from the supervisory agency, Rosbalt reported. 

The accident, in which Bukhtoyarov was killed, took place on Akademik Tupolev Street in Moscow on the night of July 22, 2011. The Nissan with Prosecutor General's Office employees on board lost traction at high speed, as a result of which it crashed into a tree on the roadside. Bukhtoyarov sat in the front passenger seat and was not fastened. As a result, the prosecutor died on the spot. Denis Isakov was taken to the Research Institute of Sklifosovsky. He did not have any heavy injuries.

The examination showed that both prosecutors were intoxicated. During questioning, Isakov said that because of the injury, he poorly remembers the events that preceded the accident, but claimed that he was not behind the wheel of his own car. According to the prosecutor, he and Bukhtoyarov used the service “sober driver.” Allegedly, the car was driven by an unknown man, who crashed into a tree and then fled the scene of the accident. The examination denied the possibility of a third person being present in the car at the time of the accident. Then Isakov changed his testimony. The new statement was that Bukhtoyarov was behind the wheel and was thrown on the passenger seat as a result of the blow. Isakov was allegedly in the back of the car. However, the court refused to accept this testimony. 

Denis Isakov began his career as a prosecutor in the Krasnoyarsk region. Later, he was seconded to Moscow, where he became a member of the investigation team dealing with the affairs of the co-owners of YUKOS Mikhail Khodorkovsky, Leonid Nevzlin, and Platon Lebedev. Isakov then became investigator for particularly important cases of the Prosecutor General's Office of the Russian Federation. After the creation of the Investigative Committee, he remained at service in the Prosecutor's Office, where he held a position in the office for the supervision of the investigation of particularly important cases.

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