No offence! Moscow Investigator who failed to let Generals board elevator had plausible reason 

No offence! Moscow Investigator who failed to let Generals board elevator had plausible reason
Vitaly Savchenko

It turned out that he accompanied a civilian for questioning.

Senior investigator of the Moscow region Interior Ministry who did not give place to generals in the elevator had plausible reason to ‘commit’ it. MK writes about it. It turned out that Vitaly Savchenko did not give place to two high-ranking security officials in the elevator, because he accompanied the civilian for questioning. When the elevator opened, the interrogator immediately entered it, and the investigator had no choice but to follow him, as he was obliged to accompany him while he was in the Interior Ministry building. But this important circumstance, as we see, did not save the Captain from reprimanding.

Recall, an ambiguous incident occurred in one of the buildings of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia. The Interior Ministry officer stood in front of the elevator, and together with him there were Head of the regional department Lieutenant-General Viktor Paukov, as well as his deputy Major-General Viktor Ishchenko. On the floor the elevator arrived already full of people, and there would not be enough place for three more people. The civilian and Savchenko walked into the elevator first, but the generals missed it. Apparently, the deed of a subordinate employee with a lower rank offended two high-ranking officials. So, Savchenko was reprimanded for “disrespect towards his colleagues and the leadership of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia in the Moscow region."

Vitaly Savchenko, meanwhile, is a well-known figure. At one time it was he who initiated criminal proceedings on the fact of causing property damage against the management of the Moscow branch of the famous Swedish company IKEA. Then businessman Konstantin Ponomarev billed IKEA for 25 billion rubles ($439.5m), but the case was soon ceased.



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