Investigative Committee wants to interrogate Denis Voronenkov’s widow

Investigative Committee wants to interrogate Denis Voronenkov’s widow
Maria Maksakova and Denis Voronenkov

The Investigative Committee may close the swindling case against ex-deputy Voronenkov if they receive an official certificate of his death from Ukraine.

Russian law enforcers asked the permission from their Ukrainian counterparts to interrogate the widow of murdered in Kiev Denis Voronenkov Maria Maksakova. Investigators want to learn more about the life of Voronenkov in Ukraine and find out the possible reasons for his murder. According to Life, this is stated in the official request for legal assistance in the case of the fugitive Duma deputy, which was sent to the authorities of Ukraine.

In addition, the Russian investigative authorities need to obtain from Ukraine an official forensic report on the death of Voronenkov. Currently the Russian court extends the absentia arrest for formally living Voronenkov, the murdered ex-deputy continues to be wanted. If the death of the former parliamentarian is officially confirmed, the criminal case on swindling, previously instituted against him, will be closed.

Now Maria Maksakova lives in Kiev, and she does not intend to return to Russia. The possible closure of the criminal case on swindling against her husband, apart from receiving an official certificate from Ukraine, largely depends on her, the newspaper writes.

Previously Maksakova had been determined to seek further investigation of the case in order to prove her husband's innocence. If she insists on this scenario, Voronenkov can be tried in absentia along with other persons involved in the criminal case, just like General Sugrobov, the Head of the Interior Ministry's Department of Internal Affairs, his deputy, former General Boris Kolesnikov, who committed suicide in 2014, are being currently tried.

At the moment there are several criminal cases at investigators of the Investigative Committee involving the runaway deputy. As a suspect he is involved in cases under the following articles: Swindling on an especially large scale and Organization of falsification of the unified state register of legal entities, as a victim – under Intentional homicide article. The criminal case under it the Investigative Committee started some time after Voronenkov had been fatally shot in the center of Kiev on March, 23.

According to one of the versions, Voronenkov was killed due to a conflict with an international group of cashiers, headed by Ukrainian Viktor Kurilo. Killer Pavel Parshov, who shot Voronenkov, was in charge of security in the gang of cashiers. The publication notes that earlier Parshov got under the radar of Russian law enforcers on the case of the murder of a shadow financier in Moscow.



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