Investigative Committee to check drunk policeman who placed $5000 on his impunity 

Investigative Committee to check drunk policeman who placed $5000 on his impunity
Ivan Melnikov

Yamal investigators are studying the law enforcement officer's case, interrogating the participants of the events. The hero of the scandalous video has accused his opponents of provocation.⁠

The Investigative Committee became interested in a video, in which Ivan Melnikov, an officer of the Interior Ministry Department in the Yamal Peninsula District (YANAO), argued with the citizens about his impunity for drunken driving. The investigators of the Yamal administration of the ICR started a pre-investigation check - they are studying the policeman's personal file, interrogating the participants of the events.

Earlier, the district department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs initiated an internal audit of its employee. At the time of audit, Melnikov was removed from work.

The employee of the Interior Department of the Purovsky District of YANAO denies that he placed 300.000 rubles ($5000) on his impunity for drunk driving. His version (unconvincing) of what happened he told the online edition URA.RU.

"I told the author of the video that if I stop him for any violation, he will be punished. And he continued to insist that I would at least be reprimanded or dismissed if I stopped him. He proved to me that I have no right. So we argued that I will stop him and draw up a protocol, and I will bring no responsibility for it," the journalists literally conveyed Melnikov's position.

Also the policeman claimed that he drank non-alcoholic beer at the wheel (the bottle is visible on video frames). The man accused his opponents of provocation.

As the CrimeRussia previously wrote, the citizens of Tarko-Sale have witnessed how a police unit let a colleague, who is driving his car in a supposedly intoxicated condition, go. The eyewitnesses decided to find out the reasons for such a loyal attitude, filming the dialogue on the camera. During the conversation, Melnikov suggested placing 300 thousand rubles on his impunity, confident that he will no bring the responsibility. In addition, the police officer recommended his opponents get a job in law enforcement.

When asked why he was not deprived of his license and even not fined, the man replied: "So get yourself in the Traffic Police - you will be the same! What is the problem?"



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