Investigative Committee posted video of fight between officers and Chechens in Tyumen 

Investigative Committee posted video of fight between officers and Chechens in Tyumen
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The strait ferry line workers are accused of violence against law enforcement officers. Their lawyer charges that the video that has been put online is cut in such a manner that is profitable for the Investigative Committee.

On its Twitter, The Investigative Committee posted a surveillance camera video showing fight and shooting between law enforcement officers and the Tura River ferry line workers. The clash erupted after the officers refused to pay a fare to pass. The ferry line workers are accused of violence against law enforcement officers and causing bodily harm.

It is apparent from the piece of footage that one of the ferry line workers approaches a white car and has a talk with a driver. Right after that, the officers’ car hits the gas and runs a couple of meters ahead. Then, the driver gets out of the car and turns toward the ferry line worker. Then, the latter goes at the officers with his fists. The drivers approach another car and get something out of the backseat. At the same time, a woman gets out of the first car. The ferry line worker catches up with the officer and carries on with the fight. Then, three other ferry line workers approach the two. Finally, they all pass from the camera view.

According to the news website, Galina Khashieva, the ferry line’s lawyer states that the video footage that has been posted by The Investigative Committee is incomplete. She has intention to release the full record of the incident from other surveillance cameras.

As explained by Khashieva, the participants of the clash are the representatives of the Directorate of economic security and fight corruption of MIA of the Tyumen region. They came to the ferry line by two cars - Lada Priora and Ford Focus. She believes that the cause of the conflict was the fact that the driver of Lada Priora went over the speed limit. The limit that is set up for the ferry line is ten kph. The ferry line workers reprimanded the driver for overspeeding. The driver started to answer back. Then, he was asked to take the car away from the driveway. As a result, the driver got out of the car, and they started to ‘do the talking.’

Shortly after that, Ford Focus came over. Another ferry line worker approached it to take the fare. Khashieva states that by the moment the ferry line worker was passing across the middle of the car, the driver hit the gas with a view to override the worker. The surveillance camera lacks this moment. Then, the driver parked up and started to speak in a gross manner to the ferry line worker. The latter hit the driver in the face. The driver run up to Lada Priora, got a rubber-bullet handgun from the backseat and pointed it at the worker.

"My clients committed abusive practices, too. They inflicted bodily harm. However, the question is different - what circumstances made them do these wrongdoings? This is what is supposed to indicate the nature of the offense," Khashieva said. She thinks that the conflict was provoked by the officers who did not ask for the free passage but started to speak in a gross manner and subsequently hit a pedestrian.

According to sources, the clash was instigated by the refusal to pay the fare. Allegedly, the ferry line used to belong to a military retiree who always let the law enforcement officers pass free of charge. The present owners, citizens of Chechen descent, refused to carry on this tradition. The result is the armed conflict. One of the officers (by the name of Ivan) was hospitalized, and the ferry line workers are under house arrest.

Among the law enforcement officers there exist several views as to what things to come are. ‘It all depends on the front office, - one of the officers says, - In case our chiefs have the guts to force the ferry line workers into submission, which will be the best outcome! If they let it all drop, so it goes! Good riddance!’

At present, the investigation continues. The criminal case against the ferry line workers is opened. They are accused of Violence against Law Enforcement Officers (part 2 of Article 318 of the Criminal Code of Russia) and Causing Bodily Harm (part 2 of Article 111).



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