Investigative Committee opens criminal case for act of terrorism in Kerch

Investigative Committee opens criminal case for act of terrorism in Kerch
Act of terrorism in Kerch

The bomb was packed with metallic items.

The Investigative Committee of Russia opened a criminal case under article 205 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (Act of Terrorism) following the explosion in Kerchinsky College.

According to the Committee’s website, an unidentified explosive device packed with metallic items has exploded today in the dining room of Kerchinsky Polytechnic College. 

At the present time, 18 deceased and about 50 injured are being reported with teenagers being most of them. 

The criminal case is rendered to the central office of the Investigative Committee. Crime scene managers and investigators obtaining experience in this field are directed to the scene. 

Emergency situation regime is announced in Crimea. This is being reported by the region’s Chief Directorate of Russia’s Ministry of Emergency Situations. Enhanced road regime is set up across the region, as well. All drivers across the city and on the Crimean Bridge are being inspected. Entries to stations are limited. 

The explosion took place in Kerchinsky College during the daytime on October 17. The National Counterterrorism Committee (NCC) reported that an explosive ignited. Rosgvardia (Federal National Guard Troops Service) called the incident an act of terrorism. 

Mash Telegram channel posted photos of the suspected of the act of terrorism. The photos show a young man aged approximately 20, wearing a white T-shirt and a dark anorak. 

Later, 112 Telegram channel reported that the attacker was found shot on the college’s second floor. 



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