Investigative Committee not to initiate case into 2004 terrorist attacks against Domodedovo airport owner

Investigative Committee not to initiate case into 2004 terrorist attacks against Domodedovo airport owner
Dmitry Kamenschik after his release from house arrest Photo: Mikhail Metsel/TASS

The victims’ lawyer Igor Trunov will take legal action after the refusal to initiate criminal proceedings.

The Russian Investigative Committee decided not to initiate new criminal cases against the owner of Domodedovo Airport Dmitry Kamenschik. Relatives of those, who were killed in the terrorist attack in 2004, addressed the committee in April 2016, asking to open a criminal case, claiming that "suicide bombers could board the aircraft because of Kamenschik, who failed to organize proper security at Domodedovo." The victims’ lawyer Igor Trunov told that to  RIA Novosti. However, the committee rejected the request, and that is why the lawyer intends to file an appropriate complaint with the court.

The victims also asked to check, if the Deputy Prosecutor Vladimir Malinovsky was objective and impartial.

On August 24, 2004, two suicide bombers got on a Tu-154 plane of the Siberia airlines and a Tu-134 of the Volga – Aviaekspress airlines, carrying explosive devices. After the planes took off, two explosions occurred with an interval of 3 minutes. The terrorist attack killed 90 people. According to the Prosecutor General's Office, the explosions on the Tu-154 and Tu-134 planes were made by Chechen nationals Amanat Nagaeva and Satsyta Dzhebirkhanova.

In 2007, a Siberia airline employee Nikolay Korenkov, reseller of tickets Armen Arutyunyan, and a policeman Mikhail Artamonov were convicted in this case. The investigation established that Arutyunyan helped the terrorists to buy the tickets, Artamonov let them pass without inspection, and Korenkov led the bombers on board for one thousand rubles. Arutyunyan and Korenkov were each sentenced to 1.5 years. Artamonov was sentenced to 7 years in prison. Later the term was reduced to 6 years.

Kamenschik is already a defendant the criminal case of the terrorist attack in 2011. The airport’s top managers are accused of organizing poor inspection of the airport visitors, which allowed a suicide bomber to enter the building. Then the explosion killed 37 people, injured more than 170. Earlier, Deputy Prosecutor General Vladimir Malinovsky repeatedly demanded to stop the prosecution of the accused. Those involved in the case had stayed under arrest from February 2016. Later, they were released from prison and placed under house arrest. And after Kamenschik had agreed to pay the victims in the form of charitable assistance, they withdrew their claims, while the accused were released.

Previously, experts suggested that the criminal case against Kamenschik may serve as a cover-up for an attempted takeover of the Domodedovo Airport.



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