Investigative Committee: murder of athlete Vlasko is not a criminal gang's revenge 

Investigative Committee: murder of athlete Vlasko is not a criminal  gang's revenge
Yury Vlasko

The investigation refutes the version of the contract killing of the son of Transbaikal's authority Volodya Khokhol, who was shot by bandits seven years ago.

Head of the Investigation Department of the Border Guard of Buryatia Vyacheslav Sukhorukov held a press conference dedicated to the investigation of the murder of free style fighter Yury Vlasko. The meeting was attended by representatives of the press and friends of the deceased.

The event was organized to shed light on the previously unknown circumstances of the killing of the athlete. So, people wondered if the crime was carefully planned. Recall that the regional newspaper Vechorka wrote that on the eve of his death the fighter promised to take revenge on bandits from the Metsenatovskie gang for the death of his father Vladimir Vlasko. Authoritative businessman Vlasko Sr. nicknamed Volodya Khokhol, was shot at the entrance to his house in 2010. The edition presented a version of sportsman's possible murder which was connected with the organized crime group.

However, the investigation denied this.

"The version is as follows: Vlasko was distinguished by his built. He really looked like a Russian bogatyr. In this regard, the murderers attacked him exactly," said Vyacheslav Sukhorukov.

He also confirmed that the criminals had definitely a direct intention for murder. Meanwhile, he noted that "as the investigation progresses, fantastic versions are off the table."

"Life is easier than detective novels," Sukhorukov added.

The Head of the ICR regional Investigation Department also told about the circumstances preceding the fight on the shore of Lake Baikal. Yury Vlasko, along with fellow athletes from the Caucasian republics, rested near a lake near the village of Goryachinsk in the Baikal region of Buryatia. On the night of 28 to 29 July, one of his friends began to molest a certain girl in a disco, but her boyfriend saw it and decided to deal with the man. After a fistfight on one another, Vlasko's friend decided to call for the help of his comrades, including Yuri, who at that time was already sleeping. Coming to the aid of his friend the wrestler began to talk with the company of the offended girlfriend. However, during the conversation, two men attacked the athlete. One of them inflicted a blow to the athlete with a knife in the supraclavicular area, and the second - a blow with a metal rod on the head. Then the first of the attackers took a stone from the water and struck them on the head of the victim. From the received wounds 20-year-old Yury Vlasko died on a place.

The investigators found all the weapons of murder: the armature was buried in the ground, the knife was listed off by divers. Shell cases and a pistol from which one of the participants in the conflict fired shots into the sand to distract attention were also found and seized. Suspects - they were previously convicted men of 29 and 33 years - were detained several days later. They are charged with Murder (part 1of Article 105 of the Criminal Code). They are arrested.

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