Investigative Committee checking drunken judge who wrung plates after accident 

Investigative Committee checking drunken judge who wrung plates after accident
Alexander Gudkin

The regional department of the State Traffic Safety Inspectorate is also conducting a check.

The Investigation Department in the city of the ICR in the Rostov region has begun checking the data on the accident, which involved the car of Azov City Court judge Alexander Gudkin. This was reported by the press service of the Rostov ICR.

The road accident occurred early on the morning of November 12 at the highway to the city of Azov. The eyewitnesses of the incident told that the driver behind the wheel of BMW X5 drove out to the oncoming lane, where he crashed into KIA Sportage, under which wheel there was a woman. In the car there was a child. To avoid an accident, the woman drove sideways and led the car away from a frontal collision. As a result of the maneuver BMW blew into KIA. The child was injured.

After the incident, according to eyewitnesses, the driver of BMW X5 staggered out of the car, took a screwdriver, wrung the plates. Eyewitnesses of the incident claimed that the driver was drunk. He refused to have a blood alcohol test and stated that he was in the passenger seat at the time of the accident.

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