Investigation reveals main motive of murder of businessman Badri Shengelia

Investigation reveals main motive of murder of businessman Badri Shengelia
Badri Shengelia

Law enforcers tend to believe that the businessman was shot as a result of gang warfare.

Investigators work out different versions of the assassination of businessman Badri Shengelia who was associated with the criminal world. The versions include the possible connection of the perpetrator of illegal takeovers with the corruption case against high-ranking ICR personnel, but the law enforcers tend to believe that Shengelia fell victim to gangsters, MK reported.

It is to be recalled that Shengelia’s car with numerous bullet holes was found in a ditch near the Novopriozerskoye Highway. The businessman’s body with a gunshot wound in his head was in the car.

Badri Shengelia is a well-known perpetrator of illegal seizures in St. Petersburg who has connections in crime circles and law enforcement agencies. He was previously brought to criminal liability. Shengelia also became a prototype of one of the characters of a book by Andrey Konstantinov, The Criminal Underworld of St. Petersburg.

It is considered that due to his testimony in 2007, Vladimir Barsukov (Kumarin), the ‘night governor’ of St. Petresburg and allegedly the founder of the Tambovskaya OCG, was detained. Shengelia told the investigators about how he personally heard Kumarin giving orders about seizures and murders.

Also, Shengelia was the main witness in the case of the head of the ICR’s internal security department, Colonel Mikhail Maksimenko, who is accused of bribery.

As the businessman himself told in the Moscow City Court, four years ago, he paid $ 50,000 a special person with whom he had a friendly relationship, to help bring to justice the police officers who allegedly had seized luxury Hublot watch after busting a ‘thieves gathering’ in November of 2014 in the restaurant Nevskaya Zhemchuzhina.



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