Investigation finds it unnecessary to explain essence of charges in case of Seventh Studio to court

Investigation finds it unnecessary to explain essence of charges in case of Seventh Studio to court
Kirill Serebrennikov

The case regarding director Kirill Serebrennikov will be considered in the new judicial composition.

The Moscow City Court overturned the decision of the first instance on returning the criminal case of the Seventh Studio directed by Kirill Serebrennikov the Prosecutor’s Office due to a number of shortcomings. At the same time, the representative of the investigation refused to answer the court’s claims and assured that the case was initiated lawfully, Kommersant reports.

On September 11, Moscow’s Meshchansky District Court returned the case to the Seventh Studio, because in the case materials, it did not find indications of specific activities of the theatrical project Platforma which did not take place due to theft of budget money. In addition, the investigation did not describe the role of the Seventh Studio’s general producer Alexey Malobrodsky after his dismissal in August 2012, as well as did not take into account 2.8 million rubles ($ 43,000) in calculating the amount of damage.

In the Moscow City Court, prosecutor Mikhail Reznichenko said that 2.8 million rubles were stolen but withdrawn from the funds. Reznichenko did not explain Malobrodsky’s role in assisting the defendants – “hands are tied by law.” Also, the investigation did not bother to explain what money the defendants actually stole. “The court is not limited in making decisions without their (actions) instructions,” the prosecutor said. 

The Meschansky Court will consider the case in the new judicial composition. 

According to the investigators, in 2011-2014, the Seventh Studio received money from the state budget for the implementation of the Platform project, but a number of performances did not take place due to the stolen 133 million rubles ($ 2 million). The charges are based on the testimony of the Seventh Studio’s accountant Nina Maslyaeva, whose criminal case was severed from the other charges. Maslyaeva is the only defendant who pleaded guilty.

The defendants in the case are the artistic director of the Gogol Center and the founder of the Seventh Studio Kirill Serebrennikov, its former CEO Alexey Malobrodsky, director of the Russian Academic Youth Theater (RAMT) Sofya Apfelbaum, former CEO of the Seventh Studio Yuri Itin and its former producer Yekaterina Voronova, who is put on the wanted list.



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