Investigation allows for “commercial order” in Golunov case

Investigation allows for “commercial order” in Golunov case
Ivan Golunov

Before his detention, the journalist received threats because of the investigation into the funeral services market.

The criminal case against journalist Ivan Golunov could be a consequence of a commercial order from the persons mentioned in the special correspondent’s investigation. The investigating bodies considered this version along with the others, RBC reports citing sources in the security forces.

“Today, many (who studied the case against Ivan Golunov) tend to believe that there was a commercial order,” the publication quotes the source. 

Earlier, the editor-in-chief of Medusa, Ivan Kolpakov, said that Golunov had been threatened for a long time because of the investigation about the funeral services market, which had come under the control of persons associated with the state.

On June 11, the MIA terminated the criminal case against Golunov in connection with the failure to prove his participation in the crime. Participants of the journalist’s detention were suspended from work. The MIA head Vladimir Kolokoltsev intends to ask the Russian President to dismiss the head of the Internal Affairs Directorate for the Western Administrative District, Major General Andrey Puchkov, and the head of the MIA Directorate for the Control of Drug Trafficking for Moscow, Yuri Devyatkin.



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