Interpol detains Georgian man who stabbed his classmate 13 years ago

Interpol detains Georgian man who stabbed his classmate 13 years ago

The young man killed an Azerbaijani in front of the headmaster.

A native of Georgia, Besik Kochalidze, who stabbed his classmate to death during a physical education lesson in Moscow in 2006, has been detained in Poland.

The conflict between tenth grader Kochalidze, born in 1990, and his peer, a native of Azerbaijan, took place at the school No. 563 on September 21, 2006. The Georgian insulted the mother of the Azerbaijani in his own language. Teachers tried to reconcile their opponents, but a fight broke out between the teenagers during the lesson. Kochalidze took out a knife that he brought to school and stabbed his classmate 14 times. The Georgian fled the scene, and the Azerbaijani died in hospital a month later.

Relatives of the deceased tried to track down their son’s murderer, Moskovsky Komsomolets reports. They contacted Kochalidze on social networks, where he said that he lived in Ukraine. In reality, Kochalidze settled in Poland, where his father had got him out in a GAZelle pickup truck.

The other day, Interpol officers detained Kochalidze. Documents are being prepared for the extradition of the criminal from Poland.

“We want to bring the murderer to justice. Our sister, a federal judge, said that Kochalidze would be sentenced to at least 8 years. This crime has remained unpunished. The school principal later said that she was in her country house when the crime took place, although other children said it all happened in front of her,” the brother of the deceased said.



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