Interpol declares wanted St. Petersburg's richest Deputy

Interpol declares wanted St. Petersburg's richest Deputy

The former St. Petersburg’s Legislature Deputy Sergey Shatunovskiy has been declared wanted by Interpol for an attempt of providing deliberately false information, a law enforcement source told Interfax.

A criminal case against the Deputy of the St. Petersburg’s Legislature of the fifth convocation (completed its work in 2016) was initiated in December 2015. Under the relevant article of the Criminal Code, Shatunovskiy may face up to six years in prison.

In January 2016, law enforcement officers raided the Deputy's inner and outer offices. The court sentenced him to travel restrictions in absentia, said the Interfax.

Sergey Shatunovskiy from Edinaya Rossiya party was the Deputy of the fifth convocation of the St. Petersburg’s Parliament, where he served as the Deputy Chairman of the Industry, Economy and Property Committee. According to Shatunovskiy’s income declaration, he is the richest Deputy of the Legislature of the fifth convocation. In 2014 Shatunovskiy made 118.6 million rubles while his wife made 91.6 million rubles. Last year, the Deputy’s earnings declined significantly (to 77.7 million), but he still made much more than most of his colleagues.

Edinaya Rossiya suspended his membership in the party having found Shatunovskiy had been declared wanted.

Previous reports mentioned Shatunovskiy’s conflict with his party fellow Pavel Dainiak. The Head of Central district Administration Maria Shcherbakova insists on Shatunovskiy’s expulsion from the Edinaya Rossiya.



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