Instead of disappeared Chechens Moskalkova met their brothers

Instead of disappeared Chechens Moskalkova met their brothers
Tatyana Moskalkova

In fact, as human rights activists of Memorial report, families of the disappeared young people have no idea about the location of their relatives.

Ombudsman Tatyana Moskalkova met with brothers of the disappeared in Chechnya people, instead of the very victims. Human rights activists of the Memorial center found out that the meeting was fake.

In particular, as the Commissioner for Human Rights told earlier, she managed to meet two young people from the list of the missing in Grozny which was published by Novaya Gazeta. Their names are Mokhma Muskiev and Shamkhana Yusupov.

“They were brought here to Grozny, I have verified all data. These people were brought from their homes, they were doing household chores, of course, they were dissatisfied that they were distracted from the work, but, as they say, the truth is more important!”, Moskalkova said then.

In fact, as representatives of Memorial claim, the Ombudswoman has met brothers of the missing.

“One of them was 24-year-old Mansour Yusupov, another — someone from Mokhma's brothers, Umar or Abubakar Muskiev. They, really, are at large. While destinies of Shamkhan and Mokhma are still unknown to their families”, it is said in the statement of the human rights center.

Earlier BBC Russian service reported that the Chechen authorities led discussions with relatives of the missing before Tatyana Moskalkova's arrival in September, forbidding them tell something or complain. 



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