Ingushetia: house of well-known imam Tsechoev searched 

Ingushetia: house of well-known imam Tsechoev searched
Isa Tsechoev

Operational activities in the house of imam Isa Tsechoev were conducted by the Ingush FSB with the support of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.⁠

A private household, belonging to well-known religious figure Isa Tsechoev, which is located in the village of Ali-Yurt in the Nazran district of Ingushetia, has been surrounded by military equipment and members of the security forces. Military vehicles Ural blocked several streets.

Reasons for a search in the house of imam are unknown. As Kavkazsky Uzel writes, a search took place in the early morning. After that the imam himself told the edition that law enforcers were looking for weapons and members of the bandit underground, but did not find anything and apologized before leaving.

"Security forces directed searchlights and machine guns to house, searched it, they found nothing. There was no rudeness, they presented a search warrant signed by a Prosecutor. They asked me to unbutton my jacket, raise hands, turn around. They made sure that my family members are unarmed. The decree does not say anything about the case in the framework of which I was searched," told Tsechoev Kazkazsky Uzel.

Meanwhile, the press service of the Ingushetian Ministry of Internal Affairs said that they have no information about the searches in the house of Tsechoev and only FSB could comment on its official representatives.

Recall, in 2016 double assassination had been committed against Isa Tsechoev. In particular, on August 30 at a mosque in Ali-Yurt the attack was averted. The bomb, which output was 30-50 kg of TNT, was disguised as a gas cylinder. Residents of nearby houses were evacuated. In December 2016 the assassination was planned. The parishioners of the mosque arrested the alleged killer.

Supporters of Tsechoev believe that the mufti of Ingushetia, Isa Khamkhoev, planned offences. There is also a version that the assassination may be linked to threats from Chechnya. In February last year, Ramzan Kadyrov openly banned Sufis to hold a dialogue with the Salafis, making a hard criticism of the religious leaders of Ingushetia Khamzat Chumakov and Isa Tsechoev.

Video: Searches at Isa Tsechoev’s house



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