Ingush policemen get final torture indictment

Ingush policemen get final torture indictment
Timur Khamkhoev, the former chief officer of Anti-Extremism Center

The investigation into the high-profile criminal case has been completed.

The investigation into the high-profile case about people being tortured by ex-officers of the Ingush Anti-Extremism Center has been completed. The former siloviki, including the department head Timur Khamkhoev, have faced the final charges.

"The accused persons have to read the case files, which might take another two months. After that the files will be forwarded to the prosecutor for approval," the source of Kommersant reported.

Among the defendants are the former Anti-Extremism Center (AEC) chief officer Timur Khamkhoev, his subordinate Sergey Khandogin and the former chief of the Sunzha district police department Magomed Bekov. The officers are accused of brutal tortures that resulted in the death of a local man, Magomed Daliev.

We remind that the policemen were detained in late 2016 by the Ingush FSB after an Azerbaijani entrepreneur had turned to the police. He told them that the officers had taken away his car, they were extorting 800.000 rubles ($14.200) from him in return for non-disclosure of certain intimate details of his personal life. The detention contributed to further investigation into Magomed Daliev’s death that had followed interrogations by the AEC staff. Heart attack has been the ostensible cause of the detainee’s death for a while, but his relatives remained convinced that he had died from a cruel questioning.


Magomed Daliev

In addition to robbery and violent behavior, the former AEC Head was charged with forgery of documents. The investigators believe that Khamkhoev’s higher education certificate is false. The document states that Khamkhoev graduated from the Moscow Open University, but a check showed that the policeman has never studied in Moscow or in Ingushetia.

It should be noted that this has not been the first accusation of interrogation tortures in Ingushetia. As soon as the accused men got arrested, two more locals turned to the police. They claimed they had been forced into making a confession to being associated with the local criminal groups. During a pre-investigation check, the claimants even showed the place where they had been tortured. It turned out to be a small secret room, with a thick carpet for noise insulation. Criminal cases were initiated on the statements, and later the charges became a joint investigation into Magomed Daliev's death.



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