Ingush man tortured by police presses charges

Ingush man tortured by police presses charges

The Investigative Committee opened a case of power abuse with the use of violence (item (a), part 3 of Art. 286 of the Criminal Code) against unidentified individuals.

The Investigative Committee of Ingushetia initiated a criminal case of power abuse and the use of violence (item (a), part 3 of Art. 286 of the Criminal Code) against unidentified officers of police forces after Albert Khamkhoyev from the village of Yandare had filed a police statement about tortures in the local police department, Committee Against Torture reported.

Khamkhoyev's mother turned to the human rights defenders in December 2017. According to the woman, masked and camouflaged men burst into Khamkhoyev's house with automatic weapons on November 14. Three gunned men in civilian clothes got in with them. They tied Albert Khamkhoyev up, put a gun in his hand, and tucked another one in his belt. Then the man was taken outside and put standing facing the wall. They pulled the clip with two cartridges out of the gun and put it onto the ground. The acts were recorded in the presence of two witnesses who had come along with the masked men. Then the Khamkhoyevs’ house was searched.

Khamkhoyev was forced into a car, a black bag was put on his head and wrapped with scotch tape. With no explanations, the criminals started beating him. The victim later told the story to a Committee Against Torture lawyer Alexander Karavaev. The handcuffed man with a bag on his head was taken into some building and then into one of the offices, where he was beaten with a bottle of water and tortured with an electric current. When Khamkhoyev was finally taken out of the building, one of the torturers said he was in the MIA Center for Combating Extremism for Ingushetia.

According to Khamkhoyev, the torture was aimed at squeezing a confession out of him that he had gotten the gun from members of illegal armed groups. A case about illegal acquisition and storage of weapons was brought against him under part 1 of Art. 222 of the Criminal Code. On November 16, the court detained Khamkhoyev for two months, and he was tortured again in the Magas FSB on the 17th.

On November 21, Dzhambulat Ozdoev, the human rights commissioner in Ingushetia, visited Khamkhoyev in jail and confirmed his numerous injuries. The investigative Committee began a pre-investigation check.

Family and friends of the arrested man suspect that Khamkhoyev's acquaintance with Magomed Murzabekov could have been the reason he was captured. Murzabekov was involved in the attack on a traffic control post on November 5. It is said that Khamkhoyev and Murzabekov had been doing sports together for several years. Meanwhile, Khamkhoyev's family claims that the man was in Moscow on the day of the traffic post attack, and willingly came to the FSB upon return to answer all the questions the security services had for him.



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