Infamous Perm official tells about dead bear

Infamous Perm official tells about dead bear
Vasily Utrobin

Head of the rural settlement, Vasily Utrobin, denies shooting a bear, and does not remember taking photos with him.

Head of the Yukseyevsky rural settlement of the Kochevsky District of the Perm region, Vasily Utrobin, who posed for a picture of a brown bear killed near his den, told Mestnoye Vremya that he had not shot the animal.

In addition, according to the official, he always hunts with a license, the last time he went hunting in November 2017, and at that time on the elk. Utrobin says that he doesn’t know how the photos appeared on the Internet, because he doesn’t remember at all that he was photographed next to a bear, which, he says, “other people” killed, and not in a den.

At the same time, the newspaper notes, the official spoke inconsistently and often got confused. And speaking of the bear, he used the word "pulled out", although the bear was allegedly shot not in the den.

“First, we always hunt with licenses. When the shooting took place, the bear hunt was allowed and it was in the last days of November. We shot from under dogs. I didn't shoot there. We hunted elk. The dogs left, then I look, the dogs raised a bear. I came up with a flashlight, I couldn’t leave the dogs, so I tried to approach there but couldn’t, I couldn't see in dark. Plus he leaves. We circled, circled, I turned and left. Then I called more people from the brigade. Other people went the next day, and they took this bear. They shot him, not me. We hunted together, I sent those people. So that... I say the way it really was. I then rode a snowmobile. There were boys who hunted hares. So they helped to pull out the bear,” Mestnoye Vremya cites Utrobin's direct speech.

Utrobin specified that he did not need the meat of a predator because of vermination: “it was taken by my friend, the former top manager of a large energy company, Nikolay Ilyushin.

In the photographs published by the media, they pose with prey, which they did not have the right to shoot – the killing of a sleeping bear is prohibited by the legislation of the Russian Federation. At the same time, in one of the photographs, the hunters pose with the trophy at the den.

The head of the Yukseyevsky rural settlement turned out to be at the center of a poaching scandal after photographs spread on the Internet in which he and former top manager of a large energy company Nikolay Ilyushin pose with a dead brown bear near the den. It was reported that hunters shot a sleeping bear in 2018.

After the publication of photos by the Mestnoye Vremya agency, the ICR began pre-investigation checks. According to the official, investigators searched his home.



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