In Dagestan person justified in case of murder was blown up

In Dagestan person justified in case of murder was blown up
Photo: Aleksandr Miridonov / Kommersant

In Dagestan, a burned car was found with the body of a man. As it turned out, a homemade bomb exploded in the cabin of the carworked. The investigators have a reason to believe that the crime may be related to the murder of a famous coach, committed in 2013. Three of the accused of his murder were acquitted by a jury and were released. One of them allegedly was in the SUV.

The report about finding a body in a burned-out car was received by the IC of Dagestan on Saturday. According to preliminary data, in the morning of August 20th, on the field near the Pervomaisk village of the Kayakent District the burned-out car Toyota Land Cruiser 200 was found. During the inspection, the body of one man was found in the car.

A criminal case on this fact has not yet been initiated, the pre-investigation check is being conducted, after the results of which the procedural decision will be taken.

To establish the identity of the deceased, a genetic examination will be required said the management of the national IC. The body burned so much that immediately after the discovery of the SUV, an erroneous conclusion about the two victims in the cabin was made.

It is assumed that an improvised bomb exploded inside the car. According to preliminary data, the burned Land Cruiser belonged to a resident of the village of Shamkhal, administratively relating to the capital of Dagestan. However, the investigation checks the version that the car was driven by the 47-year-old resident of Makhachkala, Magomed Hajiyev. According to his relatives, it was he who has used this car recently.

Magomed Hajiyev has long been under investigation for the murder of a famous athlete, the founder of the sports club Gorets (Highlander) Musa Alaudinov, who was shot in July of 2013. The investigators believe that Mr. Alaudinov murdered by order of the sponsor of the club - the owner of the gas station network Magomedmurad Alibekov. He is placed on the wanted list, the three alleged perpetrators of this crime were brought to justice.

According to the investigators, Magomedmurad Alibekov ordered the murder of the his offender, with whom he had a conflict because of poor-quality gasoline with which his car was refueled, to his friend Magomed Hajiyev. The owner of the gas station, according to the indictment, handed Magomed Hajiyev 2 million rubles and a Lada Priora purchased for the execution of the crime.

In turn, Magomed Hajiyev, according to the investigators, has drawn his friends for the execution of the order, namely a former soldier of the reconnaissance infantry brigade and Ramazan Khanmagomedov and Arslan Tagirov. According to the investigation, the criminals decided to use an AK-74 that Magomed Hajiyev bought around 2000 and buried in his father’s garden.

On the night of 9th of July 2013, believes the investigation, the partners Hajiyev and Tagirov followed the athlete, who came out of the Makhachkala cafe, where he often spent his evenings, and drove to Kaspiysk. About a 00.15, when Mr. Alaudinov on his Toyota Camry pulled up to the turn of the road on the street 7th Liniya in the Camping neighborhood, Ramazan Khanmagomedov, says the indictment materials, came out with a gun to the roadway and burst about three dozen bullets at the victim. From the many wounds, the athlete died on the spot.

Magomed Hajiyev, whom the investigation has named the organizer of the murder of Mr. Alaudinov, in the late 1990s, worked in the directorate for security of objects and subjects of the RF at the MIA of Dagestan with the rank of the second lieutenant and was assigned to the police as a personal guard for the mayor of Makhachkala Said Amirov. In 2005, he was arrested and convicted for an attempted murder of the Duma Deputy Haji Makhachev. In late December 2006, Hajiyev was sentenced to nine years and his accomplice Rustam Absalimov - to six years in a penal colony. Five years later, in January 2012, Magomed Hajiyev was released on parole.

On the first day of the trial on the murder of Musa Alaudinov, all three defendants said they did not plead guilty and waived the initial confession. The hearing also revealed that the information in their testimonies did not correspond to the materials of the criminal case. At the same time, from the testimony of the witnesses in the court it became known that shortly before the death Mr. Alaudinov had a serious conflict due to the fact that his pupil dedicated his victory at the tournament in Ingushetia to Said Amirov.

By the jury’s verdict of the on May 6th, 2016, all three defendants were found not implicated in the crime, acquitted of all charges and released from the courtroom. And on May 25, the judge Rasul Magomedov on the basis of the verdict justified the persons of interest.



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