Impound lot employee gives his version of ‘beating’ Milonov

Impound lot employee gives his version of ‘beating’ Milonov
Ivan Bezmennikov

Deputy Milonov has reported the beating by employees of the impound parking lot to law enforcement agencies.

Journalists have already interviewed the impound lot employee allegedly responsible for beating State Duma deputy Vitaly Milonov. According to 31-year-old Ivan Bezmennikov, who was working his shift when Milonov and his friend came, the deputy and another man approached him and prevented him from closing the automatic gate. The parking lot employee recognized them and decided not to come into contact with them, let alone beat them.

Bezmennikov was behaving correctly but tried to prevent the men from unauthorized enter to the impound lot. The deputy was simply caught in the automatic doors.

Previously, it was reported that the deputy had reported his beating at the impound lot.



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