Immured doors of debtors: Chechen collectors are under suspicion  

Immured doors of debtors: Chechen collectors are under suspicion
Residents of the house, affected by the actions of collectors, assure that they do not know the debtor Photo: Fontanka

For 100 thousand rubles of debt, the natives of Caucasus poured foam on all doors of the housing.⁠

Law enforcement agencies of St. Petersburg are looking for collectors from Chechnya, who poured foam on the door of the flat, where the woman-debtor lives.

The incident occurred on March 25 in the house 24, Olminskaya Street. Employees of the Chechen collector agency Terek penetrated into the entrance at night and filled the keyholes of several doors with a mounting foam. Thus, the collectors wanted to 'knock out' the debt with one of the residents of the house - Victoria, owed 100 thousand rubles ($1750) the microfinance organization. Chechens left leaflets indicating the telephone number to make woman get in touch with them. As for the residents of the housing, who were 'locked in' at night, they had to use screwdrivers and nails to remove frozen foam to exit the apartment.


On this fact, Interior Ministry investigators opened a criminal case under the article Deliberate Destruction or Damage to Property. The damage of property law punishes with ruble, fine of up to 40 thousand ($701), or deductions from compulsory work, or imprisonment up to two years. Chairman of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation Alexander Bastrykin adressed the accident and instructed to identify the collectors and give a legal assessment of their actions.

Recall, from January 1, 2017 a new law regulating the actions of collectors came into force. Now, they are called professional claimants. The activity of collectors is regulated by bailiffs, who maintain a register of licensed organizations. However, Terek collection agency registered in Grozny does not exist in the official register.



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