Imitator of Soviet serial killer Mosgaz convicted in Moscow for murder of Federal Security Service Major

Imitator of Soviet serial killer Mosgaz convicted in Moscow for murder of Federal Security Service Major

The killer strangled a former security official for 100 thousand rubles ($1.5 thousand).

Follower of a Soviet serial killer Vladimir Ionesyan who had introduced himself as a Mosgaz employee (the reason he got his nickname) and broken into apartments has been convicted in Moscow.

The present-day killer worked for a Moscow-based company that sells gas facilities. 28-year-old Vadim Slesarev, according to MK, was to visit apartments and offer to replace old gas stoves with new ones.

In February, this year, this way, Slesarev got acquainted with a 63-year-old Major and former employee of the 12 directorate of the Federal Security Service in Moscow and Moscow region who had retired in 2016.

Slesarev managed to make a contract with the former security official related to replacement of the old gas stove with the new one. In 1.5 hours, the company’s driver brought the new facilities to the pensioner. The pensioner paid more than 20 thousand rubles ($300) for it. In a couple of days, Slesarev visited his client once again and sold him a new actuating device for the exhaust-gas duct for 5 thousand rubles ($75).

Later, as Slesarev confessed, he figured that the pensioner had money saving and decided to rob him on March 6. When he came to the pensioner’s apartment for the third time, he attacked the former security official right off the bat, started strangling him and broke his ribs. After he killed him, Slesarev found 100 thousand rubles ($1.5 thousand) inside a fold-up armchair and took it. He also took 3 watches and a hand drill. However, Slesarev left his bag with his items inside (promotional brochures and actuating devices); he had also put the victim’s laptop in the bag.

The killer attempted to fake a suicide, having turned on gas before he left. The explosion was avoided thanks to the fact that the victim’s spouse had come back home. The pensioner’s wife called the police right away.

Slesarev was detained two days after. He confessed he had been drunk when the crime was being committed. He gambled away the money he had stolen; he also bought a pair of new shoes and a tablet for his niece as a March 8 present; he gave the rest to his sister. Slesarev states he feels bad for what he had done and is willing to serve his sentence as soon as possible.

The court sentenced him to 14 years in a strict regime colony.



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