Ilya Yashin detained when leaving detention center. He may face fourth consecutive arrest 

Ilya Yashin detained when leaving detention center. He may face fourth consecutive arrest
Ilya Yashin

He is accused of calls for rallies on July 18 and 19 on Trubnaya Square.

Yesterday, the police detained the Head of the municipal council of deputies of Krasnoselsky district of Moscow, Ilya Yashin, when he was leaving a special detention center, where he was placed under administrative arrest. This was his third consecutive term for violating the rules of conducting a public event. Today, Yashin is facing a new trial.

On his Facebook page, the oppositionist said he had been detained by employees of the 2nd operational regiment for calls to participate in uncoordinated actions on July 18 and 19. To recap, from July 14 to 19 Trubnaya Square saw rallies of supporters of candidates to the Moscow City Duma from the opposition. Those candidates that were not denied registration at that time stated they were holding legal meetings with voters on the site. Yashin became aware of the denied registration on the evening of July 15.

The oppositionist was subject to the first administrative punishment in this series of arrests on July 29. A Troitsk court arrested him for 10 days for calls to go out to an unagreed rally on July 27. Upon its expiration on August 8, Yashin was again detained and taken to a hearing in Shcherbinsky court directly from the special detention center. The court again placed him under arrest for 10 days, this time for organizing an uncoordinated rally near the Moscow City Electoral Commission on July 14. Between the arrests, he was added another 10 days of imprisonment, but they were not summed up.

Apart from Yashin, three more unregistered candidates to the Moscow City Duma are under administrative arrest now - Yuliya Galyamina, Dmitry Gudkov and Konstantin Yankauskas. All of them are also serving their second or third administrative arrest for violating the rules of conducting rallies. Concerning unregistered candidate Lyubov Sobol, an administrative protocol under Art. 20.2 of the Code of Administrative Offenses was also drawn up against her twice, but in the end, she faced only fines since that she is raising a minor child.

As for another candidate, Ivan Zhdanov, a decision was made on a new arrest, but after his release from the special detention center on August 11, the police did not detain him, and later the oppositionist said he was "on a trip," but would soon return to Russia.

Earlier, the Central Election Commission refused Yashin registration as a candidate for elections to the Moscow City Duma, rejecting complaints about a similar decision of the Moscow City Election Commission. The reason for the refusal was invalid collected signatures.




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