Ilnaz Pirkin case: new victims of police tortures found in Nizhnekamsk

Ilnaz Pirkin case: new victims of police tortures found in Nizhnekamsk
Ilnaz Pirkin

There have been more claims of torture in Nizhnekamsk police.

The Kazan Human Rights Center and Zona Prava ("Zone of Law") asked the Investigative Committee to check the reports on new incidents of torture in Nizhnekamsk police that they received after Illnaz Pirkin committed suicide because of the abuse he had to suffer in the PD.

In Alexander Shabalin’s statement he told what happened in November 2015 in Nizhnekamsk PD, when the siloviki put dirty pants into his mouth, twisted his neck and beat him, knocking out theft confessions. Shabalin lost sight and became disabled after what he had gone through. Then a criminal case was initiated under item (a), part 3 of Art. 286 of the Criminal Code (exceeding official powers with the use of violence), but in 2017 it was stopped, and Shabalin was accused of false denunciation instead. Now he is serving a sentence in the Tatarstan Correctional Colony 19.

Another incident occurred on October 17, 2016. Ilnaz Yunusov said that he was taken to the police department only to have his mouth taped shut, to be tortured with a gas mask, and also threatened a pencil would be put in his anus.

The third story happened on November 8, 2016. The victim Ildar Kamaleev said that in the police department he had his mouth plugged with a rag, a plastic bag was put on his head, he was beaten severely and told he had to confess. The man said that the head of the department fighting against organized crime, Rinat Akhmetshin, was one of the abusers.

The fourth report was revealed by Vitaly Zachetov, who said that he was detained near the Olimp shopping center on the night of October 22. He was handcuffed and physical force was used against him.

The reports started coming after Ilnaz Pirkin, a young man from Nizhnekamsk, committed suicide on October 19. In his death video message, he said that he had been detained on suspicion of a crime he had not committed. He was tortured for a long time in the most brutal ways, until he gave up and confessed to the crime. Four policemen were arrested in this case.



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