Ildar Dadin set free

Ildar Dadin set free
Ildar Dadin on one-man protest Photo: Aleksey Abanin

The police released the protester that had been detained for a one-man protest outside the building of Federal Penitentiary Service in Moscow.

RBC quoted a duty officer at Yakimanka police station reporting that Dadin had been released after his wife brought his passport to the station. "They established his identity and set him free," said the policeman.

On Friday morning, Dadin did a one-man protest urging to dismiss Aleksandr Terekh from the post of the Federal Penitentiary Service head for Karelia. The police asked the picketer to show his ID, but the man replied the policemen should recite the grounds for their claim as well as his rights. After that, Dadin was detained.

Officers of Yakimanka station said Dadin had been detained until his identity is established. "Whether the man is a Russian citizen or not," the officer on duty said.

Dadin's wife Anastasia Zotova explained that her husband could not show his ID to the police since he had left it at home.

Already at the station, Dadin explained that his protest was aimed at least at resignation of the Karelian Federal Penitentiary Service top-officials, and in the best-case scenario at President Putin’s resignation.

Dadin had been sentenced to three years in prison for numerous violations at rallies. On February 22 of 2017, the Russian Supreme Court canceled the verdict and ordered to release the activist. On February 26, Dadin was set free.

When in prison, Dadin complained about tortures, beatings and rape threats.



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