Igor Chaika on investigation by Anti-Corruption Foundation: "Not going to answer to anybody, don’t think I have to"

Igor Chaika on investigation by Anti-Corruption Foundation: "Not going to answer to anybody, don’t think I have to"
Igor Chaika

The son of the Russian Attorney General has denied all charges and said that no allegations of corruption have been confirmed.

At the St. Petersburg Economic Forum, the Dozhd TV channel asked the son of Prosecutor General, Igor Chaika, to comment on the investigation by Anti-Corruption Foundation (FBK).

- I'm not going to answer to anybody, I don’t think have to. Your colleagues have been meticulously examining all sorts of articles for a long time, including both on the Internet and in the media. In fact, they have come to the conclusion that the arguments some people refer to are absolutely false.

- What exactly was false? What’s the nature of these reports? You did read these materials. What was false?

- Listen, I think that all the competent authorities - Russian, Greek, and Swiss - replied that none of such cases... let's say, none of these articles were substantiated. For starters. Secondly, all your colleagues - both regional and federal - have conducted their own kinds of studies with these materials and, once again, found no evidence. And that’s why…

- Well, how so? To what do you refer, saying that no evidence was found? There was evidence from Greece, evidence associated with other types of businesses, which were mentioned there. What do you mean by "no evidence"?

- Have you read the response of the Swiss Prosecutor's Office, the Swiss competent authorities, which found no cases of my brother’s illegal presence or that of my means? I believe that this is more than enough for me not to comment on this situation further.

- What was your father’s reaction to these articles? Have you discussed it with him?

- He was absolutely calm*.

(*The interview transcript has been given verbatim - CrimeRussia)

As a reminder, on December 1, 2015, Alexey Navalny’s FBK circulated a documentary, which told about the illegal takeovers by sons of the Russian Attorney General, their connections with criminals and illegal business activities. In response, Yuri Chaika said that the investigation had been funded by the West. In one of his latest speeches, he confirmed that he suspected the head of the British fund Hermitage Capital, William Browder, in financing the attack.

After that, FBK showed a material about Igor and Artem Chaika’s offshore accounts in Greece. It also featured documents about a group of lawyers, which have been engaged in criminal activities in Switzerland for about a dozen years, including legalization of illegal incomes of Russian businessman Artyom Chaika. Moreover, FBK asked to check the legality of Chaika’s residence permit in Switzerland, alluding to the fact that he had done it "in a semi-criminal manner." Russian Prosecutor General invited his Swiss counterpart to Moscow. The CrimeRussia’s editorial office got in touch with the Swiss Attorney General’s Office to confirm the fact of this visit, and received answers to many topical questions.

 Ответ прокуратуры Швейцарии

The Swiss Prosecutor General’s Office had made an enquiry and confirmed the veracity of certain facts from the FBK’s investigation. Thus, it was found that people from the company, who were allegedly involved in the legalization of Artyom Chaika’s income, actually exist and that they indeed reside in the country. However, the officials failed to identify any specific evidence of money laundering on their part.

It is also worth noting that despite numerous accusations against Igor Chaika’s family, yesterday the Federation Council approved him as Prosecutor General for the next 5 years, following the president’s suggestion.



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