"If you stay alive": Kadyrov offers Ingush to organize rally in Chechnya

"If you stay alive": Kadyrov offers Ingush to organize rally in Chechnya
Ramzan Kadyrov

He called the rally participants a “bunch.”

The Head of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov, offered the Ingush, who are protesting against the agreement on the borders between Chechnya and Ingushetia, to hold a rally on Chechen lands. He is talking about those territories that moved to Chechnya.

“This ‘bunch,’ which calls itself leaders, if you are men, come to my territory and hold at least one meeting there. If you stay alive, I am that person from your speeches,” the Romb video project translates Kadyrov's words.

Where and when the Head of Chechnya uttered these words is not specified. Meduza suggests that he could deliver this speech at a meeting on the implementation of the agreement with Ingushetia, which Kadyrov held on October 17 - the day after the treaty came into force. Meanwhile, the head of Chechnya published a post in Russian on his VKontakte page in which he noted that attempts to drive a wedge between the Ingush and the Chechens from abroad are useless.

The spontaneous rally in Ingushetia’s capital Magas began on October 4. The coordinated action lasted from 8 to 17 October in front of the local television station. Now the action is ceased. The initiator of the eight-day rally is the regional public movement Council of the Ingush People's Teips. According to the Kavkazsky Uzel, Chechnya gets a lot more land than Ingushetia under the agreement.



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