ICR: Teenager dies from torture in Ulan-Ude police department

ICR: Teenager dies from torture in Ulan-Ude police department
Nikita Kobelev

Investigators provided the details of how and who was torturing minors Nikita Kobelev and his friend Dmitry Tutynin in the MIA office.⁠

Investigators have learnt the details of the dreadful night of Junу 8, when Nikita Kobelev died after being detained by Ulan-Ude law enforcement officers. The news that police officers are suspected of killing a teenager has gripped the hearts of all Russia. Seeing explicit crime in the death of Nikita, the Investigative Committee has initiated a criminal case; in order for the investigation to be unbiased, the case has been referred to the ICR Investigative Department no.5 of the Main Investigations Directorate in Novosibirsk.

As it was previously reported, on the evening of June 8, six policemen and two riot policemen took part in a special operation to detain two teenagers, 17-year-old Nikita Kobelev and 18-year-old Dmitry Tutynin. The event reminiscent of the capture of dangerous criminals, rather than regular guys in the neighborhood, took place in the premises of a grocery store on Darwin street in Ulan-Ude. The young men with their arms twisted were brought outside from the store and pushed into different cars. As it turned out, law enforcement officers had suspected Nikita and Dima of stealing a bicycle. It is still not clear what necessitated the show during detention in the case of theft.

The same evening, the detainees were taken to the MIA Criminal Investigations Directorate in the Republic of Buryatia, where law enforcers began securing false confessions from them. According to Tutynin, police officers wanted them to admit to not only stealing a bike, but to robbing some apartment. They were simply used to up the department’s conviction rate.

Thus, police officers Pavlov, Oloktonov, Manibadraev and Smolin led Dmitry into the basement, handcuffed him, and began beating with a polypropylene tube to avoid leaving traces of violence on his body. Then the law enforcers wrapped him in a blanket, attached to a bench with duct tape, and sat down on top of him. In addition, they used a torture known as “slonik” (elephant) – that is, they put on a gas mask on him and blocked the access of oxygen.

After that, police officers decided to bully Kobelev. Pavlov, Oloktonov, and Plotnikov took him to the same room. Pavlov struck at least 20 blows to different parts of the minor’s body, and then resorted to “slonik” torture. The 17-year-old started gagging, but due to the clamping of the gas mask’s corrugated tube, the vomitive masses output was restricted. As a result, he simply drowned in vomit.

As late as at night on June 9, police officers delivered the teenager’s body to the emergency department of the Semashko Republican Clinical Hospital.

Let us recall that defendants in the case of Nikita Kobelev include high-ranking law enforcement officers. There is a total of six defendants in the case: detective Sergey Plotnikov, Head of the Department for Disclosure of Property Crimes and Rapid Closure of Marketing Places at the MIA Administration Operational Investigation of the Criminal Investigations Directorate in Ulan-Ude Andrey Pavlov, Head of the Department for Disclosure of Property Crimes at the MIA Criminal Investigations Directorate no. 1 in Ulan-Ude Anatoly Oloktonov, senior detective Valentin Smolin and Tumena Manibadraev, as well as junior detective Zhargal Zamyanov. At the moment, all of them have been charged with Abuse of Authority with Force (items (a, b, and с), part 3 of Art. 286 of the Russian Criminal Code).

All defendants have been placed into custody by court. November 9, the term of their detention was extended for three months.



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