ICR suspends investigation into disappearance of ex-judge gone to VIP casino

ICR suspends investigation into disappearance of ex-judge gone to VIP casino
Olga Kashaykina

The proceedings have been suspended with the following wording: "identification of the person subject to criminal liability is impossible."

The Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation has suspended the investigation into the disappearance of retired Federal Judge Olga Kashaykina, who went missing on May 7 last year.

This is due to the fact that after a year, the investigative authorities could not find any clues as to what happened to Kashaykina after she had gone to a closed secular reception. The official reason for the suspension of the criminal case is as follows: “identification of the person subject to criminal liability is impossible.” 

Let us recall that, as previously reported by the CrimeRussia, the disappearance of ex-Judge and Head of Otkrytie bank’s legal department Olga Kashaykina came to light on May 9, after the woman’s civil partner returned from a business trip. The man turned to law enforcement bodies, and the police initiated a criminal case under “Murder.”

As it turned out, a few days before the disappearance, Olga Kashaykina took her parents to their country house and told them she had been invited to a secular reception in an underground casino for VIPs. At the same time, she noted that because of conspiracy, it is forbidden to bring along any means of communication, including mobile phones. The woman also added that there is a dress code.

She was last seen on the morning of May 7; Kashaykina left the house wearing an evening dress, while not taking with her mobile phone along with her. With the help of city surveillance cameras, the police found that the ex-judge hitchhiked to Altufyevskoye Highway. Since the woman went to a private meeting, taking 150 thousand rubles ($2,523) with her, which she had previously withdrawn from her bank card, the law enforcers did not rule out robbery.

Later, it was reported that unknown persons in masks tried to kidnap the main witness in the case of Kashaykina’s disappearance, lawyer Anton Baumshteyn; he was attacked outside 101 Prospect Mira Str. The man was rescued by passers-by who helped him fight off the intruders. The attack on the lawyer was committed after he got interrogated about the disappearance of the ex-judge.



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