ICR reveals Ramenskoe shooter's arsenal  

ICR reveals Ramenskoe shooter's arsenal
Igor Zenkov

Igor Zenkov, responsible for the many-hour slaughter in the village of Kratovo near Moscow, was hiding from the security officials and the National Guard soldiers in a well.

The law enforcers found out what kind of weapons were available to the 50-year-old ex-EMERCOM officer Igor Zenkov. It turned out that the arsenal of the 'Ramenskoe shooter' included an Izh-18 hunting rifle, a Mauser pistol, and grenades. Let us recall that as the CrimeRussia previously reported, yesterday the man killed several neighbors in the village and then fired back at 200 security officials and wounded four of them.


They also found out that Zenkov was hiding from the operatives in a well near his house, where he managed to plunge after he had thrown another grenade at the special forces agents. After his cover was discovered, the security forces eliminated the 'Ramenkoe shooter.'


It also became known that for the last 7 years, the man had suffered from severe mental disorders and did not communicate with anyone. He left his father a suicide note, in which he complained about life. "I'm tired of living," the note said.




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