ICR: motive of attack on Otradny police Head and his wife was banditry

ICR: motive of attack on Otradny police Head and his wife was banditry
Dmitry Vashurkin (left)

The Investigative Committee of Russia reported on investigation on the case of attack on Otradny MIA Department Head Dmitry Vashurkin and his wife Ekaterina as a result of which the woman died.

According to the investigation, in the night of December 11, 2016 Dmitry Vashurkin and his spouse Ekaterina, who returned to their home in the village of Smyshlyaevka of Volga District of the Samara Region, were attacked by five people waiting for them inside.

Vashurkin's wife died on the spot from severe injuries, he was hospitalized in local hospital in the morning and got a surgery.

Earlier today, official representative of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia Irina Volk reported about detention of suspects of the attack. Acting Head of the ICR Department for public relations Svetlana Petrenko confirmed the information.

In particular, she noted that as a result of operational work on this case, over 200 people were interrogated as witnesses. 24 places of survey of incident, 23 dredging, more than 100 searches were carried out, and also 21 examinations are appointed. From five detainees three are already giving testimonies.

According to Petrenko, one of the versions pushed at the first stage of investigation as a motive of the attack - penetration into the house of the police officer for the purpose of assault.

Svetlana Petrenko noted that investigation of this case is under special control of Head of the Investigative Committee Aleksander Bastrykin. Earlier it was reported that Interior Minister Vladimir Kolokoltsev also controls the investigation process.

Official representative of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation Irina Volk noted that two suspects were detained in the territory of the area and three in Samara. According to the investigation, criminals, after meeting the victims in shop traced them to take away their property. Their trophy were three gold chains and a purse with bank cards and an insignificant amount of money.

It should be noted that the tragedy in Otradnoye – a second attack on a police officer in the Samara Region this year. On April 24, in the village of Ivashevka former Head of Syzran police Andrey Gosht and five members of his family were brutally killed.



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