ICR: militants killed in Nazran blew themselves up

ICR: militants killed in Nazran blew themselves up

Earlier, the law enforcement agencies reported on the elimination of the persons who attacked the police.

In Nazran, two people, whom the law enforcement bodies have already identified, have died from fragments of a grenade thrown by one of them. Two Nationa Guard employees were seriously injured without danger to life, ICR’s Investigative Directorate for the Republic of Ingushetia reports.

“As a result of the grenade explosion, two fragmentary wounds were inflicted on two law enforcement officers, as well as on the indicated persons (who resisted arrest – Ed.),” the agency said.

On the evening of December 12, the law enforcement agencies reported about the elimination of the militants by the military forces who arrived at the scene. On the night of December 13, the republican MIA said that the militants had died from the return fire of the wounded National Guard officers. In the morning, the ICR published the third version.

It is to be recalled that near the Kovcheg market in Nazran, one person threw a grenade at the police, and which he was eliminated along with his accomplice. The investigative department initiated a criminal case on the grounds of infringement on the life of a law enforcement officer.



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