ICR launches probe into death of divers in Severomorsk

ICR launches probe into death of divers in Severomorsk

A fire broke out on the submarine while exploring the ocean floor.

The military investigative departments of the ICR launched a probe into the death of 14 submariners during a fire on a deep submergence vehicle which conducted research on the ocean floor for the Navy. The submarine was delivered to the naval base of Severomorsk.

“Over the death of submariners as a result of a fire at a research deep submergence vehicle in the Russian territorial waters near Severomorsk, a pre-investigation probe is being conducted,” the ICR’s spokeswoman Svetlana Petrenko reported. 

Earlier, the press service of the Ministry of Defense clarified that the state of emergency occurred on July 1 “in the Russian territorial waters” – “a fire broke out during the bathymetric measurements.” Navy Commander Nikolay Evmenov is investigating the causes of fire. According to RBC, the fire broke out at the nuclear deep-water station AS-12 Losharik. The injured were taken to the naval hospital in Severomorsk.



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