ICR Head Bastrykin requires to check legality of Molodinskoe field development

ICR Head Bastrykin requires to check legality of Molodinskoe field development

The ICR Main Directorate for the Moscow region is checking into the development of the Molodinskoe field territory.

The check has been initiated by Head of the Investigation Committee of the Russian Federation Aleksandr Bastrykin.

The construction in the Molodinskoe field is conducted by a St. Petersburg commercial construction company.

According to the information posted on the ICR's website, Head of the agency Aleksandr Bastrykin demanded to conduct a check and give a comprehensive legal assessment of the real estate developer's actions, as well as those of the officials who allowed the development of the Molodinskoe field. In addition, the ICR head commissioned to verify the procedure for alienating land in favor of the construction company.

Such close attention to the construction in this area is due to the fact that the Molodinskoe field is of historical value to Russia. In the 16th century, battles with the Crimean khan were fought on this territory; eventually, the lands were defended and saved by the Muscovia.

The media disseminated information that a bankrupt farmer had sold 53 hectares of land to a St. Petersburg company that intended to build assembly shops on the Molodinskoe field. However, the company concealed the development plans not only from local residents, but also from the district administration. Meanwhile, the territory is already full of special machinery, and construction works are underway.⁠



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