ICR finds out reason for delay of security to Kerch college

ICR finds out reason for delay of security to Kerch college

PSC employees arrived at the scene only 16 minutes after the explosion.

The ICR ruled out the security's fault in their late arrival at the Kerch Polytechnic College after the explosion in the building. The private security companies employees showed up only after 16 minutes because the contract with the organization provided only remote monitoring, like all educational institutions of Kerch, reports FAN.

Schools and colleges do not have funds for regular on-site security, therefore the institutions provide their porters with key rings with alarm buttons. Kerch Polytechnic College porter Natalia Ponikarovskaya, 66, after the explosion began to help the wounded, and then remembered to press the button. According to the investigation, the security signal was received eight minutes after the explosion. The same amount of time was spent to reach the college. By the arrival of the PSC employees the slaughter had already ended, and the shooter had committed suicide.

After the tragedy of October 17, the authorities of Crimea asked the federal center to increase spending on ensuring the safety of educational institutions so that they could hire on-site security.



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