ICR denies arrest of Yaroslavl IK-1 employee due to video of torture 

ICR denies arrest of Yaroslavl IK-1 employee due to video of torture
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Yesterday, the human rights fund Obshchestvennyj Verdict (‘Public Verdict’) reported the detention of one of the participants of the Yaroslavl IK-1 torture video by the ICR employees

Information about the detention of one of the employees of the Yaroslavl Correctional Colony No. 1 does not correspond to reality, as TASS was informed by Senior Assistant to Head of the ICR Investigations Directorate in the Yaroslavl Region, Kristina Guzovskaya.

Earlier, the human rights fund said on its Facebook page that the ICR began to detain the persons involved in the torture video from Yaroslavl IK-1. In particular, it was reported that one of the staff, who tortured prisoners, Maksim Yablokov, was taken out of the colony in handcuffs. A list of Yablokov's colleagues was attached to the message in case “the ICR does not recognize the other ‘courageous’ staff of the colony from the torture video.”

To recap, July 20, lawyers of the fund distributed a video showing 15 people wearing blue camouflage uniforms beating a prisoner with rubber hoses for 10 minutes. The footage is filmed on a portable video recorder of the Federal Penitentiary Service (FSIN) employee, which all employees of the institution now have to carry with them.

It was reported that the colony employees used unacceptable measures against the prisoner Evgeny Makarov.

According to human rights activists, the video was filmed on June 29, 2017 in the correctional colony No. 1 in the Yaroslavl region. After the publication of the video in the media, the ICR opened a criminal case of abuse of authority with the use of violence.

It should be noted that earlier Evgeny Makarov had already been a victim of beatings in Yaroslavl colony No. 1. After Makarov and several other prisoners told the story about torture, he was transferred to IK-8, where he was beaten again and placed in a single room of a cell type “for constant complaints.” According to the Obshchestvennyj Verdict, the prisoner was “beaten legs and buttocks”; he was also threatened with rape. In December 2017, the European Court of Human Rights ordered the Russian authorities to conduct an independent medical examination of Makarov. However, the Russian Federation replied that there was no reason to initiate the case since the prisoner tried to harm himself.

Video: Evidence. Employees of IK-1 FSIN in the Yaroslavl region torturing a prisoner



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