ICR completes investigation into five criminal cases related to protests in Moscow

ICR completes investigation into five criminal cases related to protests in Moscow
Kirill Zhukov

Case materials were forwarded to court; three cases were combined into one proceeding.

The Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation completed the investigation of five criminal cases related to mass riots in Moscow and forwarded their materials to the court with approved indictments, the body’s press service reports. Cases against to Danila Beglets, Kirill Zhukov and Evgeny Kovalenko are combined in one proceeding. 

According to the investigators, during the rally on July 27 in Moscow, Beglets, Zhukov and Kovalenko used force against certain officers of the Russian National Guard and the police (part 1 of Article 318 CCRF). In addition, the case against blogger Vladislav Sinitsa, who is accused of inciting hatred against law enforcement officials (paragraph “a” of part 2 of Article 282 CCRF) was also forwarded to the court. The fifth completed case was initiated against Konstantin Kotov, who is charged with repeated violation of the established procedure for organizing or holding a public event (Article 212.1 CCRF). 

It is to be recalled that Danila Beglets, as the investigators claim, pushed a law enforcement officer at the rally, Kirill Zhukov lifted the helmet to one of the law enforcement officers, and Yevgeny Kovalenko threw a garbage bin into a group of policemen dragging one of the protesters. 

In response to a tweet, Vladislav Sinitsa wrote that after identifying the participants in the dispersal of the rally, their children can be kidnapped and killed. On August 10, Konstantin Kotov chanted protest slogans not far from the Presidential Administration on the Staraya Square in central Moscow.



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