ICR checks into Federal Penitentiary Service officers covering up criminal search dept head’s son in drug investigation 

ICR checks into Federal Penitentiary Service officers covering up criminal search dept head’s son in drug investigation
Irek Bulatov

Ishimbay (Republic of Bashkortostan) Deputy Police Chief’s son got away with a major drug offence, as the CrimeRussia reported earlier. 4 of his buddies are facing major prison sentences. However, the committee turned its attention to the story once more.

The committee is investigating 3 instances of excess of official powers and forgery by the police in Bashkortostan; the Sterlitamak and Salavat investigation departments are responsible for the pre-trial inspections.

Procedural decisions will be made following release of results of inspections No. 1459pr-15, No. 1582pr-15, and No. 1187pr-17.

The ICR Investigations Directorate in Bashkortostan has instituted an additional inspection following excess of official powers by Bashkortostan department officer Ruslan Yanchurin. "The Salavat investigation department will make procedural decisions following release of the inspection results," an official statement reads.

The second inspection was reinstituted following excess of official powers by Service Bashkortostan Department officers Marat and Artur Khaliullin.

The third inspection has been instituted by the Sterlitamak investigation department following falsification of evidence in a criminal case by the Russian Federal Drug Control Service investigators, as the CrimeRussia reported earlier. The case defendants accused the investigators of replacing original case file documents with forged ones.

Committee investigator Aleksey Osipov finally discussed what happened with defendant Aleksey Lobanov after 10 refusals to open a criminal case. Lobanov is one of the 4 defendants. He hails from Ishimbay. Lobanov was charged with creating a gang selling drugs in Bashkortostan.

The five young Bashkir men were arrested with a large batch of drugs in May of 2015. One of them turned out to be then Ishimbay criminal investigation department head Valery Anatolyevich Chikunov’s son Danil. He was released the next day. Danil has been just a witness since.


Danil Chikunov’s arrest

Lobanov, Yanchurin, and Marat and Artur Khaliullin complained to the committee about 26 main case file documents being replaced with forgeries. They produced copies of the case file original documents (search warrants, reasons for arrest extension, inspection results, and prosecutors’ supervisory reviews) to support their claim.

Lobanov managed to find out one Sterlitamak investigative department investigator Irek Bulatov is currently responsible for the case file. He then called Bulatov and was surprised to learn Bulatov had no idea who was calling him and why. Bulatov refused to share the inspection results.

"I do not disclose any information over the phone. I have no idea who you are," the CrimeRussia’s source quoted the investigator.

Bulatov failed to see the forgery as a crime and refused to open a criminal case despite the Drug Control Service officers not denying having made changes to the documents, as it turned out. Sterlitamak Chief Prosecutor Stanislav Petrov has canceled Bulatov’s decision. 

Investigators will have to figure out whether the Drug Control Service officers, who investigated the high-profile case, have violated the law.




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