ICR checks information on kidnapping of two Muscovites by raiders because of $1mn apartment 

ICR checks information on kidnapping of two Muscovites by raiders because of $1mn apartment
Lilia Yermolina

The disappearance of an elderly Muscovite, who owns three rooms on Ostozhenka Street, and her disabled son, worried the neighbors, but the police refused to initiate criminal proceedings on their application. Housing in the elite area of the capital in the meantime was re-registered to a resident of St. Petersburg, who introduced herself as their relative.

Investigative bodies of the Main Investigative Department of the ICR for Moscow are conducting a pre-investigation check regarding media reports about a possible kidnapping and fraudulent actions committed against an elderly Muscovite and her son, the official website of the Moscow office of the ICR said.

Yulia Ivanova, senior assistant to the head of the Main Investigative Department of the ICR for Moscow, explained that the ICR reacted in this way to the information of one of the federal TV channels, according to which an elderly woman and her son were taken out of a Moscow apartment by a supposed relative allegedly for treatment.

The story was released on the TV channel Rossiya-1 in the Vesti program a few days ago. The journalists were contacted by the concerned neighbors, who believe that Nina Chembayeva and her son, who is in follow-up at the psychiatric clinic, were kidnapped by the apartment raiders - three rooms in the house on Ostozhenka Street are estimated at about 70 million rubles ($1 mln).

According to the neighbors, more than a week ago, Nina Chembaeva was put on a stretcher into a car with her son sitting nearby and taken away in an unknown direction. This happened after the arrival of a certain entrepreneur from St. Petersburg, Lilia Yermolina, who introduced herself as a relative of Chembayeva and her son.

At the same time, the neighbors knew that the family had no close relatives. Later, according to Rosreestr (The Federal Service for State Registration, Cadastre and Cartography), it turned out that the living space on Ostozhenka no longer belongs to Chembayeva. Under the contract of donation, the signature under which was not put by her herself, but by her son, three rooms were given to Lilia Yermolina. It is reported that previously Chembaeva's son already gave his apartment on Vavilova Street to unknown persons, after which he moved to live with his mother. Currently, this apartment is under repair, the current owners are still unknown.

Nina Chembayeva

Residents of the house appealed to the police, fearing for the lives and health of neighbors, but the latter ones refused to accept the application for kidnapping disabled people not taking seriously this version.

The ICR noted that as part of the check investigators will conduct a set of necessary measures aimed at establishing all the circumstances of the incident, including a legal assessment of the actions of all persons involved in the transaction of alienating the apartment. The procedural decision will be made as a result of the audit.

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