ICR checking video of brutal detention of man in Pyatigorsk 

ICR checking video of brutal detention of man in Pyatigorsk
Photo: Still from the video

The detainee was pushed into a paddy wagon and sprayed into his face with a spray can.

The ICR Investigations Directorate in the Stavropol region is checking into the video with a brutal detention of a hooligan in Pyatigorsk. This is reported by the Directorate’s press service. 

The video was made near the Pyatigorsk railway station on April 20. It shows two policemen trying to put a man into a paddy wagon, but the latter resists. Two more crews arrived to help the police officers. They pinned his arms behind his back, sprayed into his face with a spray can, and shut him in the paddy wagon. 

Author of the video wrote that he “would like to hear from the knowledgeable people about the details of this situation.” 

ICR representatives promised to find out all the circumstances of the detention and give a legal assessment of the behavior of all parties to the conflict. 

Accordign to the press service of the Stavropol region MIA, the man was searing at passersby in a public place, Argumenty i Fakty reports. Allegedly, he tried to pick up a fight with the police officers during the detention and threatened with reprisals when the law enforcers were pushing him into the car. 

“Physical force was applied to the hooligan (arms pinned behind the back), as well as special means such as handcuffs and tear gas,” the press service said. 

It is reported that a protocol of petty hooliganism and disobedience to police requirements was drawn up against the detainee at the police dispatch center. The court has found the man guilty. He has been arrested for a day and obliged to appear before the investigator. In addition, materials concerning the insulting of policemen have been collected. The decision on them will be taken after a check.

Video: Detention in Pyatigorsk, 20.04.2019 



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