ICR charges attorney Negodyaev with manslaughter in road accident

ICR charges attorney Negodyaev with manslaughter in road accident

The lawyer has connections with investigators and courts and insists on poor condition of the road surface, claiming it provoked the accident.

The ICR Investigative Department in the Kemerovo region reported that a criminal investigation was opened into the accident, which occurred on December 22. SUV BMW X6 with prominent lawyer Vadim Negodyaev at its wheel rammed the stop killing a woman. It has been noted that the driver failed to control his car properly.

The case was initiated under part 3 of art. 264 of the Criminal Code (Violation of Traffic Rules, which entailed a human death).

As reported by the CrimeRussia, the accident caused a public outcry, because of an attempt to hush up the case. For a few days, only a pre-investigation check has been conducted, without relevant examinations.

Then it became clear that Negodyaev has close ties with law enforcement and judicial system of Kemerovo. He owns a building, which has been rented by local ICR department and Kemerovo Regional Court for several years.

The Traffic Police has reported that they registered flaws of winter road maintenance, narrowing of the roadway, and the presence of obstacles to the movement of the vehicle. Negodyaev himself started speaking about a deep rut (20 centimeters), which had made his car turn away from the set direction. However, drivers traveling the same route on that very day insisted that with the right choice of speed one could travel safe. The speed of Negodayev’s SUV still remains unknown.

As specified by investigators a number of expert evaluations has been commissioned: the forensic one will establish the cause of the woman’s death, the auto-technical will answer a few questions, like whether the driver could prevent the accident, whether the speed limit was exceeded, whether the car was in order, and whether the condition of the roadway satisfied the safety requirements.

"All of these factors either separately or together could lead to an accident. Also, investigators have established accident witnesses and found the video footage, which is now being inspected by the experts," the department stated.



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