ICR, MIA check video of mass brawl of drunken policemen in Chita

ICR, MIA check video of mass brawl of drunken policemen in Chita

Transbaikal regional law enforcers have responded to an angry message of a Chita local, who had become a witness to a brutal beating of personnel of one of the city's cafes allegedly by drunk police officers with the use of weapons.

The ICR Investigations Directorate for the Transbaikal region and the regional MIA administration are carrying out a pre-investigation check following a video depicting a mass brawl of drunken policemen.

The MIA is identifying the persons present on video and their possible affiliation with law enforcement authorities. The Investigative Committee is also establishing the circumstances of the incident. By order of the head of ICR's regional directorate, a decision will be made in accordance with the law of criminal procedure following the check.

The Chita local has posted the video of mass brawl in Region 75 group on the social network VK.com.

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According to her, the police officers were celebrating promotion of one of their colleagues as well as the birth of a child, in one of the Chita cafes, where the woman works. Then, they severely beat the owner and two employees outside of the cafe, waving arms and shouting "Police is in action!"   

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One of the victims got his head knocked in with a gun handle; the policemen took away mobile phones and documents from the spectators. According to the author of the video, the conflict began after the drunken cafe visitors were reproved over a broken off logo on the cafe owner’s car parked outside.

As a result of the mass brawl, two employees of the cafe were hospitalized in the city hospital with serious injuries.

Video: "Policemen's brawl in Chita on 01.22.2017"




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