Icons produced by serial killer and terrorist are put up for sale 

Icons produced by serial killer and terrorist are put up for sale
Photo: Khabarovsk Territoryo Today

Icons were presented at the Priamurskaya trade fair together with other products that the prisoners produced.

The Federal Penitentiary Service for the Khabarovsk Territory presented icons painted by life-long prisoners from IK No. 6, also known as Snezhinka (Snowflake), at the Priamurskaya trade fair. Khabarovsk Territory Today reports this.

Icons are painted by killer Alexey Podyachev, serial killer Roman Kalinin and terrorist Ilya Tikhomirov who exploded Atlantis cafe at the Cherkizovsky market in Moscow. All three were sentenced to life imprisonment and are doing time in a special regime colony in Elban settlement of the Amur district. The prisoners say that they "repented long ago and came to God," which is the reason to paint icons, which are sold for 500 rubles ($7.5). They are decorated with a unique color used in icon painting, according to all Orthodox canons and with the blessing of the rector of the Orthodox parish in Elban, Konstantin Zhigalin.


It is reported that about 300 kinds of various products are produced - from backgammon to prefabricated wooden houses. The profit from their sale reaches nearly 300 million rubles ($3.5m) a month. Regional UFSIN presented products at the fair with the aim of attracting investors to the colony.


Head of the marketing department of the Khabarovsk Federal Penitentiary Service Arkady Medvedev called the primary task of his unit to bring correctional institutions to full self-sufficiency. "We are trying to attract businessmen who will get a lot of advantages if they want to run their business with us," Medvedev said. He called the absence of a shortage in the workforce among the advantages: "prisoners are always there, they want to work." He also added that 24-hour security of both equipment and finished products is being carried out at FSIN facilities.



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