Ice dancer and wife of Putin's press secretary Tatiana Navka gets $270.000 from state budget for her show

Ice dancer and wife of Putin's press secretary Tatiana Navka gets $270.000 from state budget for her show
Tatiana Navka

The money was allocated both by the Ministry of Culture, and the Ministry of Education.

Last year, Tatiana Navka staged a show called Ruslan and Lyudmila, which cost the Olympic champion and wife of the president's press secretary 18 million rubles ($270.000) from the state budget. The Sobesednik magazine made the math and found out that the show was sponsored by the Moscow Department of Labor, Ministry of Education, Roskontsert (Federal Directorate of Music and Festival Programs), Sberbank, Transneft, FosAgro, Gazprombank, Channel One, JSC Russian Railways and others.

The publication said that seven New Year's shows earned Navka 6.000.432 rubles ($89.000) from the Ministry of Culture’s Roskontsert. When answering the reporter’s question as to why the state institution would pay fees to the performers of a commercial event, the department answered simply: "Navka and her team turned to us."

Navka Show got 9.999.900 rubles ($148.400) from Russian Railways in May, and the city department of labor bought 325 tickets for the first shows of the ice musical spending 419.400 rubles ($6.200) on them. The Ministry of Education bought 6.851 tickets to the show through one of Moscow universities (12.000.000 rubles or $178.000), so the total amount the government spent on it exceeded 18.000.000 rubles ($270.000).

It is noteworthy that Navka was seventh in last year’s Forbes' ranking of the wives of Russian officials and deputies with biggest incomes. She made over 200.000.000 rubles ($3.000.000) a year, which was ten times the amount her husband made. According to her income statement, Navka got 811.278 rubles and 32 kopecks ($12.000) for each working day of the year.

In addition to Navka’s major part in the play, she also acts as the producer. On Channel One’s Vecherny Urgant Show she told the host Ivan Urgant that the vocalists of the musical, Filipp Kirkorov (Chernomor) and Alexander Panayotov (Ruslan), did not receive money for the project, unlike herself. "Because we are all friends," the athlete explained.

The Navka Show refused to tell reporters the proportion used to split the profit among the performers since it was a commercial secret. They did not say whether Navka got most of the profit either. Meanwhile, the musical is still touring the country.

Peskov and Navka got married in June 2015. Right after the wedding, the media spotted a $564.000 Richard Mille watch the Kremlin's press secretary was wearing. Peskov’s spouse said it was her present to her husband.

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