IC3PEAK cancels concert in Minsk due to police's pressure

IC3PEAK cancels concert in Minsk due to police's pressure

Owners of institutions faced closure and endless checks.

Belarus forbade to hold a concert of the IC3PEAK band, which previously faced a similar problem in Russia. About 600 people came to the event in Minsk, according to tour manager Oleg Mitrofanov, but the team of artists was unable to reach the city authorities and arrange negotiations.

"The employee of the local executive committee called me and strongly recommended not to hold a concert," Mitrofanov told MBK Media.

At the same time, the group had a tour certificate, and all the tickets were sold. “They are trying to threaten the venue with closing and searching for violations if they hold a concert,” said IC3PEAK tour manager.

The tour of the group started on November 17 in the Russian Federation. In almost every city, IC3PEAK concerts were canceled, as the songs of the group allegedly was a bad influence on teenagers. Shortly before the start of the tour, the band shot a clip for the song No More Death, which scored millions of views on YouTube. The socio-political context is hidden in a psychedelic video with a satire.



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