IC initiates case into Zhulebino school incident

IC initiates case into Zhulebino school incident
Evacuated schoolchildren

School officials may come under investigation.

The Investigative Committee has initiated a criminal case of negligence into the Moscow school incident, during which the teenager came to school with a knife and threatened to kill himself. This is reported on the Committee’s website. 

“Employees of the educational institution and other competent authorities may be checked for Negligence. Investigators will also check the living conditions of the boy,” the ICR press services noted.  

The Committee stresses that its officers intend to acquire a complete picture of what happened and find out what made the high school student come to school with a weapon. 

“Psychologists have been attached to the teenager. The issue regarding his hospitalization is currently being decided. 

As previously reported by The CrimeRussia, the teenager came to school with a knife on Thursday morning. He locked himself in one of the rooms and threatened to hurt himself. Students were evacuated from the school, and the room where the teenager locked himself was cordoned off. 

The police managed to detain the boy thanks to his mother and grandfather. According to his relatives, he had recently become out of control and had been taking anti-headache pills. Parents had taken him to see a psychiatrist, who advised them to place him under hospitalization and make him undergo a full examination. Mash reports via Telegram that the teenager admitted that some “voices” told him to come to school with a knife. He is suspected of suffering of schizophrenia. 



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