“I will earn my $5,000 anyways” – ex-spouse of Sechin will complete construction of Kutuzovskaya Mile started by Polonsky

“I will earn my $5,000 anyways” – ex-spouse of Sechin will complete construction of Kutuzovskaya Mile started by Polonsky
Kutuzovskaya Mile

Ex-wife of Igor Sechin, Chief Executive Officer of Rosneft, is back in the construction business: Marina Sechina became the primary shareholder of the managing company for the developer of Triumfalny (Triumph) residential complex (former "Kutuzovskaya Mile").

Ex-wife of the Rosneft Chief Executive Officer became the primary shareholder in Upravlenie (Management) Managing Joint Stock Company, which manages FTsSR Closed Joint Stock Company – the developer of Triumfalny (Triumph) luxury residential complex (the infamous Kutuzovskaya Mile), - RIA Novosty reports, citing Vedomosti newspaper. According to Vedomosti, the businesswoman is the Chairman of the board of directors and, in fact, controls the company. Neither Marina Sechina, nor FTsSR representatives were available for a comment.

Also the newspaper states that Sechina became involved into the residential complex construction long before, acquiring control over FTsSR, because she is a beneficiary of Kosmosaviaspetsstroy company, one of the main contractors for the Triumfalny project. According to the Unified State Register of Legal Entities, the ex-spouse of the principal national oil tycoon is a co-owner of Kosmosaviaspetsstroy. 

Igor and Marina Sechin divorced in 2011, when the future Head of the state corporation was a vice-premier. Vedomosti wrote, citing a businessman close to Sechin, that Marina Sechina is very energetic and has been actively involved into business since 1990s; she used to say: "Let Igor sit on his position for 200 rubles, I will earn my $5,000 anyways". After the divorce, the career of the business lady was actively developing: in 2013 she became a co-owner of RK-Telecom company providing services to Rostelecom and "the big three". In the same year media reported that Marina Sechina became a co-owner of Exect company recruiting personnel for the Sochi Olympics and a partner of Spanish OHL construction company. In 2014 the businesswoman has left the construction business and switched to meat trade. 

In the past, Triumfalny residential complex was called Kutuzovskaya Mile. A project co-investor was Avanta company owned by a famous businessman Sergey Polonsky. The contract was terminated in 2009, and a lengthy legal battle between FTsSR and Avanta began. The dispute was settled only in 2014. Sergey Polonsky, the Head of Mirax Group, whose subsidiary is Avanta, was accused of embezzling shareholders’ money. Currently Polonsky is detained in Matrosskaya Tishina pre-trial detention center.



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