“I was indifferent to everything.” Diary of teenage murderer's mother made public

“I was indifferent to everything.” Diary of teenage murderer's mother made public
Teenager and his mother he killed

None of the teachers and friends noticed the oddness of the to-be criminal.

Details about a family from Ulyanovsk, which was killed by a 16-year-old teenager, have become known. According to MK, none of the killer’s entourage noticed any oddities in him, on the contrary, they say that the guy was friends with his classmates, actively participated in the school life.

Psychologist Yevgeny Zinger has studied a diary of the teenager’s mother and presented his findings. The woman took notes called My Success and Life Story!, posting them online. The woman expressed her opinion on many topics and events from her life that worried her. She also wrote a lot about the eldest son. Thus, in one of the chapters, she tells how she was nearly deprived her of parental rights.

“I have experienced indifference for a year after the operation. I was indifferent to everything happening. I did not care about what was going on in the home. The children, just like a free application, played and sometimes brought me to my senses. I had only one entertainment - TV, I could not do anything else,” the mother wrote.

According to her, she watched only cruel films, romance annoyed her.

“The juvenile affairs commission held on me like grim death. They summoned me for a conversation. They found some witnesses who, for unknown reasons, were willing to remain anonymous. They reminded me of narcology, imposed a fine for the improper treatment of children and parents. They threatened to deprive me of the parental rights,” the woman wrote.

According to Zinger, the mother of the teenager was a tired woman that lived in very difficult living conditions. Despite the positive tone, it is obvious that the woman lived in some kind of her own world.

“She writes she is watching her son ... I cannot bring myself to accuse her of not having noticed something in his behavior. Obviously, there were signals, but her level of literacy in psychology did not allow to notice them in time under the guise of such a veneer of her son's success. Either she did not notice anything at all, or there really was nothing strange in her son’s behavior,” said Zinger.

According to him, on the basis of the records, it can be concluded that the woman suffered from a clear mental disorder: apathy, lack of energy, almost nothing pleases, possibly the craniotomy has affected her, the expert suggested.

“The very murder committed by him really indicates that he was very likely at that moment in a state of temporary insanity or that an already existing issue (perhaps the frustration) worsened. We do not know whether this is a mental problem was systemic or it began to develop in the teenage period,” the psychologist concluded, adding that the crime creates a sense of broken logic and there is a high probability of a child having a mental illness.

On August 18, the body of a 16-year-old teenager was found under a cell tower, and his four-year-old brother and sister, grandmother, grandfather and mother were discovered in his detached house. In his suicide note, the student explained the killing of his relatives by taking care of them - "so that they do not have negative emotions about his death."



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