"I want you not to be recruited anywhere else." Details of Langepas MIA employee’s suicide 

"I want you not to be recruited anywhere else." Details of Langepas MIA employee’s suicide
Kristina Alkhovskaya Photo: Komsomolskaya Pravda

According to available data, the chief took Kristina Alkhovskaya to task in front of all staff members.

Journalists learned about the events of the last year of life of the KhMAO MIA employee that committed suicide. As Life writes, the girl was coming out of a divorce and tried to focus on her career, so she agreed to move from her home Altai to Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug.

The investigator entered into marriage about a year ago, but it could hardly be called happy - the couple constantly quarreled and six months later the newlyweds divorced. Kristina got engrossed with work, notes the portal. In January 2018 she agreed to redeployment to Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug, to Langepas, where the salary was higher.

Kristina's colleagues said that when the boss that had hired her retired, a younger and more vigorous leader came instead. According to the colleagues, Kristina and she got off on the wrong foot - the boss often rebuked the girl for everybody to hear.


The relatives also confirm that Kristina often began to complain about the chief’s nagging. The last incident occurred the other day. Kristina feigned an illness, while actually she was walking in a park and eating ice cream. The boss lambasted her in front of the whole team, and probably the girl could not bear it.

In her suicide note, the girl mentioned ice cream and accused the superior of bullying her into suicide.

According to the mother of the deceased, her daughter called her several hours before the suicide and, crying, asked for her forgiveness, however she did not expect the girl to do such a thing.

- I talked with her twice in the morning. Everything was fine. Then she calls me and cries. I say, daughter, what happened, did you have a quarrel? She replied: "No, I just want her fired," the girl's mother recalls the last conversation, talking with a Komsomolskaya Pravda correspondent.

The woman tried to find out from her daughter what had happened, but she said only this:

"No, everything is all right, just forgive me, I love you," said Kristina and hung up.

Later, investigators found a suicide note on the tragedy scene.

According to the mother of Kristina Alkhovskaya, the Department was cognizant of her row with the superior.


- Everybody knew this even in Yugra. Even the personnel department was aware, they tried to transfer her to another department, but Murtazina, the chief, prevented it. We have audio recordings, but I will not publish them yet, where the boss says she will not give my daughter a transfer or dismissal. She threatened to bring her to the dismissal on adverse grounds. She said: "I want you not to be recruited anywhere else," the woman told.

The police and the Investigative Committee have declined to give official comments so far.



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